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This is a 10,000 piece collection which is generated from 100 traits and available on OpenSea now! Each NFT has different levels of rarity for you to search through, but also it will have utility. 


Snorerus is a character in a new kid's animated series (Snorerus & Hiccups) which is available on Prime Video in 2022.  And this collection will show off his many members of family which you wouldn't ordinarily see. 

Now available here - 








From the 12/05/2022 at 19:00pm (GMT) Snorerus Family NFT Collection will be live!!!


The roadmap would like to allow anyone who buys a Snorerus Family NFT to get private access to at least one future episode of the Snorerus Family. Utility is definitely something that can be added in time. Yet this could be as simple as once 30% of the collection is sold an episode/s arrives. 

All NFTs will be released costing 0.04 ETH (Ethereum). Some NFTs will be held back and given to influencers to help get a further reach for the brand. Some will be given to good causes, or kept back for raffles, and competitions. For instance some people who buy a NFT will end up getting sent another one for free at a later date.

This is a general outline of what will be happen once a certain percentage of the NFTs are sold. 

10% Awake -  Fix the holes in my clothes and finish living on cans of beans. 

20% Awake - Promote the project to further reaches.

30% Awake - Produce at least one six-minute episode of the Snorerus Family for private access to all Snorerus Family NFT holders.

40% Awake - Have a raffle.

50% Awake - Figure out a clubhouse. 

60% Awake - Discuss more forms of utility. 

70% Awake - To be announced. 

80% Awake - Competition. 

90% Awake - Snorerus Family Season 2 is getting awoken. 

100% Awoken - Snorerus Family Season 2 is ALIVE!!! The new NFT collection is available with instant private access to a new animated series (three six-minute episodes) for new and old Snorerus Family NFT buyers. Discuss more forms of utility in an open forum. 

More details to follow. 

  • A Snorerus Family Discord has been created, anyone who buys a Snorerus Family NFT will now be able to use that token to gain private access to the Discord. You'll be able to use it as your place to discuss and suggest ideas and find out some things first about the project. 


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